Wednesday, April 29, 2009

At the Canadian Mountains

" Because she told so, he calls himself the ...! "

-no not mean-

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Jumping high!

Today noon, when I woke up I felt relieved that I was not in school. Few moments or maybe minutes into that ominous dream which took me all the way back to Maxwell and being caught over my mischievousness into breaking the school rules by that infuriatingly stubborn teacher, Anita is pretty daunting!!!!

Those who knows of her antics will agree with me!

As my previous posts had a lot of you wondering what I've been up to, I will entertain the benefit of your doubts! Well I didn't want to stir up much before I can really take my time to digest it.

IN ONE LINE: I got a scholar under the Star Edu Fund to study Human Resource Management(ADP) at SEGI and I've accepted it.

I know it is one of a kind opportunity which has been thrown to me and if any of you wonder, I had always wanted to do my degree in a private college

WHY? Because it is beyond dispute to question that the public university will be any better than the private colleges like SEGI ! More over they have offered my choice of degree under the ADP which is totally coursework based assessments based. Meaning to say, I'd not have to memorize random facts which will never get into my brain.

Hopefully, everything goes well...and I thank all of you again for the well wishes!

PS; Yeevon, was nice talking to YOU today! Thanks for the call and don't ever think I hold grudge or whatsoever on you.

touch & go we feel & go,
hear & speak we feel so bliss,
reaching for friendship more & more,
nothing is more priceless than this !

- Sivanesh-

Monday, April 27, 2009


Knowing what you were anxious to know is absolutely rewarding.

I had the right answer for my questions and I cannot thank enough God and all the dearest ones who prayed and wished me LUCK!

V, Sharmeen, Mahesh, Sharminie, Anesh, Neo, bro, mum+dad AND my relatives >> THANK U!

My far fetched dream to study in a college will be coming true in a matter of months. I just hope everything goes well like it has been set!


I have a new friend, thanks to Facebook! He posted this on my wall and it really made my day:

when one comes across another,
it seems that the other is another,
but when one comes across each other,

it's always having a two mind's together.

Yet another good friend to keep for life! 'FRIENDSHIP'- such a cherished bond!!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

End of April

perfect symmetry-shape&color

The greatest month of the year so far! We are in the second quarter of the year, can it become any better or far worse? Lots of questions to ponder, decisions to make, choices to pick, and answers to redeem. I am sure it doesn't only apply for me but for every single person who are conscious of what is and will happen in their future.

So there is about eight months to fly, and we have to be strong amidst anything that strike us. I came across the first pandemic strike in Mexico. It is an unknown disease and believed to have spread up to Texas and California which quickly claimed 68 people's life. Remember the influenza flu which was high at stake here last year, I hope this will not be far worst than that.

Besides that, all of us have personal targets to keep track which we would love to accomplish at least by end of the year. From traveling to places to weighing less, each differs to our ultimate wants and needs! In the end, only you will be there to reap what you sow, so why not make a start by setting your eyes and heart into it?

I know this post seems to be a little awkward because I seriously am not writing this by having one person in mind. It is several actually..I came across a lot of you who certainly had set many goals to be achieved and this post is a toast to that and to remind myself of all that which I have procrastinated(which I am not going to mention here)

Maybe ten months from the date I posted this, you will remember the good deed of your friend here who have reminded you! Hopefully, you'd be glad then because you have been beckoned on the right track for you not to simply regret that you were not!

The difference between the possible;
and the impossible lies in a person's determination- Tommy Lasorda

Ps: I'd really appreciate feedbacks here than on social sites, Thanks!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Fly a kite

heart bleeds through my words
it hurts not to be let in
patience tends to wear thin
so i count back from ten
hoping you'd be back by seven
or at least by one

+nineteen days+

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Three in a row


needs GOODluck!!!



Dear V,

Happy twentysixth mon-anniversary!

Tomorrow is my turn +SIGH+


{pixelz are MINE from silly 5200}

To all earthlings,

Happie earthDay!

Keep conserving or start counting days to doomsday...

Monday, April 20, 2009

Bday Galore

13th April- Satwant Singh

My first male buddy in Maxwell, somewhat funny somewhat unpredicatble. He was there for me when i was very sick, when everyone else ignored me. I CANNOT forget that my dear! We shall always be friends and dont YOU worry we shall meet up soon! Missing you and our times screwing at Maxwell...

9th April- Gavin R**my most handsome couszie**

Heyya couzy, even tho i have personally texted you, i would want to include in u in this bday post coz u mean a lot to me! WE are miles apart but all the memories i had with you at melb and here in kl plays in my mind so often that i dont feel you are far away! I wanna sing with you all the tracks on sing star again and yeah bullying you all the way through when you reach that squeaky falsettos LOL. Never mind that, who can forget the excitement you had in showing your prototypes to us?! God bless you and dont fight often with Ash aite? hehe..LOVE u guys both..

5th April- Meena Tharisni S

This girl here i met eight years back. Three years than, we were close mates and now we are bestiez! Many people said to me that we dont really behave like best friends like hanging out often, shopping and having a close bond in the sense of sharing almost everything. Maybe you people can assume so, BUT i guess though we dont communicate as much as other bestiez do, there is the special bond that intertwines us even with the evident of many dissimilarities which we both know. However, being friends and having her friendship is more than sharing our interests or passion. It is about being in my comfort zone and finding solace in talking to her in the odd hours, receiving her text message when you least expect which totally illuminates(my face) and brightens up my day. It is not about expecting something from her, but to realize that you can give unlimited amount of care and love and feel blessed to do so..!!..I was really happy to meet you a day earlier and glad i FINALLY managed to sing you a LIVE rendition of the bday song!!!

And all the roads we have to walk along are winding; And all the lights that lead us there are blinding;
There are many things that; I would
Like to say to you, I don't know how!

28 March-Yathavy

If you think she is my are wrong. Its for me to know, for you to figure. ONE year old cutie, I just hope YOU drive someone crazy!!!

28 Feb- Vikneswaran M

I think this wasnt ur best bday.....uumph well you and me know why. However, I'd like to mkae it up here! Your presence always brings me that feeling which intoxicates my body and soul. I love the way you never expect things from me and appreciate all my flaws and let me have room to make mistakes and learn from them. I must thank your papa and mama for having you after years of pause(like you always say) because if not I wouldn have a man like you to be my other half. Keep your traits which makes you, YOU and enhance the rest to bring out the best of you. Dont worry, I'll be there all along holding your hand, sharing my heart and soul. A small piece of advice: Be more patient and rationalize things, it will work better for both of us! (BLUEK)

21st Feb-Mahesh

I was supposed to meet you on ur bday but since it was a last min-plan, we couldnt! To tell you the truth, we share a lot of things in common and we can talk for hours practically about anything. In fact, you or any other person would think that is what might have got us being very good friends, I would say the way you as a person who helped me to look into positive ways when there isnt any ways at all, the way you care when I least expect someone is there to hear me out, the way you help me no matter what the circumstances is what kept our friendship growing day by day. I think the latter ones is what every person seeks in a friend...and I'm lucky to call you my friend. I hope you liked the bookmark(sorry was a very last min purchase) and I believe our friendship of more than 2years will last longer than we expect. The next time I meet you, I want a pic of us and maybe ur lil bro as well since we dont have one...!!

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