Thursday, May 28, 2009

We keep it cool yo!

After much tiring times at work, I managed to get out of house to have a girl day out with two of my secondary Convent buddies. Its been like 2years since I meet these two lass both with more brains than I have. No doubt about it.

Place was Mid Valley and it was a little funny to see Ms Pad all dolled up for an outing with us since she rarely goes out of her place especially without her family. Joyce is another comical buddy of mine who will never stop giggling in all our classes making our dull study lessons lively enough not to fall asleep.

On a different note; even though we are all in different paths to our future, I can assure deep inside we still yearn for that school life we once shared nonchalantly. When you start to realize, it becomes too late and people just get on with their life not bothering to stop and stare what have the accumulated all these years being in their course of direction. Money? Fame? Popularity? Materials? Friends? Memories? You can name of those you have so far but what about those you dont? Never too late to keep seeking for it.

So coming back to the outing, Joyce is like the apek girl -still boyish but I think she has a sense of style now and Pad had her hair straightened and still the simple shy girl. What matters, they have a body which holds great souls. We decided to watch MONSTER VS ALIENS and the tickets cost us each RM12 since its the opening day! We had time to kill till the movie starts and headed to find the Garden's food court but failed to do so hehe.. Thanks to Joyce's remarkable navigation around the place we came to the Mid Valley's food court instead and sat for snacking. I had a piece of cake from ZEN, Joyce- desserts from the fruit bar and Pad-yong tau foo! Quickly then headed to MPH to browse through (obviously books :p) and we wanted to take pictures together so yeah we did cam-whore in MidV's MPH lol.. Thank God we didnt hype that up!

Monster vs Aliens was really hilarious- made me to tear and hold my stomach coz we laughed till it hurt. Though I think the 3D version would have been better...and I really fell in love with this character in the movie- it was a fuzzy looking creature, with big eyes and two pairs of legs/hands at the beginning of the movie and towards the end, it transformed into a cute winged creature!!! It was the highlight towards the end and labeled as INSECTOSAURUS =D.

Three of us bid farewell later in the evening and I hope to meet more of my ex-school mates soon!

Friday, May 22, 2009

You hold me HIGH :)

I know! I know! We both have been having time of our life as we get to meet so often and that makes life more beautiful. Indeed, it will never be, with another person.

So yeah, we just met yesterday...went for the movie afterwards : ANGELS AND DEMONS

and i practically ruined the suspense coz I was so furious in blurting out the plot and how they changed all the main characters and the thrill it should have brought. I bet if it was another person who was sitting beside me, they would have just stormed out of the cinema and forget about watching the movie altogether. Seems funny to you right? ITS NOT okay :p


Practically those of you who know my crazy working hours has an hour break for every shift. You really made my DAY bee; coming all the way after work, taking the sardin packed putra train, walking all the way to the entrance of the TA building...hehehe and then calling me with that monkey voice and saying that you are down there waiting for me while I walk out didn knowing that. So sweet of you!

Mood: craving for donuts=D but there's only Dunkin Donuts there which we did buy, ate and regretted in buying it :S

Reminds me of the half dozen of Jco's which we had a month back...

And so we talked and talked and I dont know why you can never stop bullying me. EVER!

Time flies. ONE hour... SIXTY minutes... 360 seconds... and me sighing and practically heaved my feet back to my chair on the 26th floor at work.

IT was a great surprise and I really cant thank you enough. The gift was so unexpected but your presence was simply wordless.

+ happie 27month anni V +

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Twin-ny and us :)

Chili Grill Bar again....supposed to be FIVE of us but that one particular SI COMEL guy spun our head by making a false promise and he never justified his acts till now.


don't go well with most of us right? Never mind that! Yee Ping whom I met through my first job this year had became my wonderful friend who is very much adorable, amicable and very down to earth. Our age difference is nothing to how fast we clicked through our ordeal at work place. Since she is leaving to UK end of this month, its just a farewell to catch up on what we lost and to wish her the best for her three months stay there.

She seems a little homesick, well who isn't when your loved ones are here and you are far away in the land so alien to you? To my sheer surprise, she brought her twin along and I swear they both look so identical if not for the hairdo. The rest of the story is nothing much, will let the pictures tell you what it was all about!

the purple is Yee Ping and her twin is in white :D

au revoir..
hope you come back home safely!
will be missing

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I was featured on Nury's page and I feel so honoured man!!!

I know its nothing much to those of you out there but to ME being accepted as one of those commentators/ followers of his wacky diary is simply remarkable.True to heart, HE can just mesmerize me through his writing and reading his diary every other day had interested me in great heights to write; hence this blog was born.

I bet if you are one of those who have not heard or read his stuff, just click NURY VITTACHI on My Flava's list and there you go- another fan of him! His writings had profoundly expanded my vocabulary and I thank him for always making me hit my head hard while cracking up high whenever I read his musings. One day I wish to kiss YOUR bald head- u know you asked for it :p
You can read some of his articles on THE SUN every monday!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Best Bargain!

As an avid Sunday Star reader, I cannot simply skim the paper because I do not want to miss out any of those well written articles or be like someone who reads only the entertainment or sports section.

Last Sunday, I saw this article which mentioned two warehouse books sales at PJ! I was super excited and pestered my two lovely individuals at home to bring me to at least one of that heavenly place. It was The Big Bad Sale by thebigbadwolfbooks wholesaler :) Mind you, my parents dont like driving around the PJ area and mum just hates to maneuver the car without the slightest idea where the next turn is or which signboard gives the right way. Sitting at the rear seat, and licking away the Wall's Cornetto Sundae, it was just like being on a treasure hunt!

Though at heart, I was rather worried that my hunt will only lead me to lay my hands on the mere left overs, as the sale ends tommorow. So all the what if questions started to float and rise up through my mind like the very hot air balloons and even while enjoying the ice-cream it didnt stop me from hoping the place is still full of hundrerds of books for my indulgence.

Once I was inside the warehouse, my face lit up seeing tons of books and a small crowd which infact made my hunt easier. The place was huge and I was meandering through at first because I dont know where to start! Young and old, mostly Chinese and Indians pondering through hundreds of titles on display and I bet there was almost something for everyone who came. I scurried for almost an hour and half and managed to get hold of hmmm fifty six books which caught my eye and mind. Thanks to my mum who kept rushing me up, the number was smaller. Or else I would have sat there the whole day with the cardboard boxes which is failing to hold all those books.

Quickly I sorted the books to the genre's and reread the short write up about each of the book and the critics review. After much hesitation and evaluation, I chose TEN precious ones. With just RM50 in my pocket and having ten books laid out in front of my eyes, I looked at mum. The angel asked me to pick all and paid for the rest. TADAAA she did it again........I would say she was the one who inspired me into reading and she actually found some books of her like and purchased it too.

TEN BOOKS = RM80 dont ya think its the best bargain one can get? Wait till you see the titles I purchased...

and the only non-fiction:

Amazing right? I cant complain of boredom anymore thanks to this reads!

Read this on ''How do warehouse book sales manage to offer titles at such low prices? And why can’t we have those prices every day?''

Ps: Sorry, I can never write tersely!

Friday, May 15, 2009


ChiliGuBar as said by sweetheart first time there :)

Friday-the day every working person looks forward...well at least we part timers wish to indulge in some snacks and delights to ease our appetite pangs which exasperate us every other minute at work!

Initially planned this just V and me, but since Li and Yee did not wish to continue their shift, so I was pleased to have them joining us.

SINCE its Friday, place is packed and we were forced to sit at the smoking area.

Hushed in, with the waiter seriously not attentive to us. We practically called for them thrice...maybe too busy with the loyal ones or the good tippers, I doubt which one!

We skipped appetizer and went for the main course since we need to eat thriftily. Talking about budgeting here how ironic, to be honest all my eating adventures since few months back is being taken care of by my humble bee.

honey chicken something with the sweet spicy salsa sauce..the fries were very fresh and about the corn no idea I didn't eat it....
The meat was tender and nicely battered, goes well with the dip!

Mr Li had a beef burger, which Chilis' known for it.
O yeah, he needs his Tiger...well this guy dunno what to say!

V and me so tired after work but managing a smile :)
he's so not a drinker but grabs Li's for that innocent gesture :p
and we had another side dish: the famous buffalo wings with sour cream dip

and ending with dessert: choc cake with vanila flacvoured iceC and cherry.
the cake was warm and yummy but the ice cream was not up to even the mcd's standard
overall food was 7/10..

as for the drinks i had choc shake........YUMMMMMY!!!


shy YEE only had a drink

yee ME kian

the gay session which these two can never resist

night sealed with a kiss though i look like im gonna faint soon!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

First Tag

Tagged by miss Saktia who has big beautiful eyes =)

The rules are simple.
Use Google Image to search the answers to the questions below. Then you must choose a picture in the first page of the results, and post it as your answer. After that tag 6 people...



vacation with my loved ones: v and my close buddies


my bed la coz i can dream,sleep, laze,read and do any other stuff in peace!


with lotsa sugar so that its not too sourish;D


mum's cooking-sorry no image LOL



ER-nothing beats this medical drama

LOST-only if you seek to be lost, you'll follow this story.


to sing and everything to do with music

and then surf the net for networking and updating myself on the current issues

and try my best to skim the daily newspaper and read a novel if I'm having so much time to laze


in lives of others and mine.


1. Kir
2. Hui Ting
3. Minie
4. Mahesh

Have FUN!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Escape from the humidity (12&13)

Dreaded the hot hot hot and humid weather so WE made a trip to Genting Highlands. It was just a two days and one night stay over there. Pretty much bugged myself caring for the little brat who went on this car trail-ride about hmmm 30 times? I hope the figure wasn't big enough for you guys to wonder if he sat through the ride without annoying the rides' ranger who was helpless with this one stubborn head.

I know many of you are not so fond of this place as it's been here almost for few decades, but this is my second visit there and I came to understand that many new attractions been added prior to the previous ones.

Since my cousin and her family tagged along, we had to leave around noon and that made us not to purchase the outdoor them park tickets and had to stick to the indoor ones since the park closes at seven. SIGGH-guess what the following day it was raining, so we never got the chance to play the outdoor games.

The highlight of this trip is that I managed to get a glimpse on how cold would -5degree of Celsius would be.........Man, let me tell you at the snow world, with their stinking winter clothing and the wet gloves and boots, I nearly got hypothermia since it did not well protect my skin. At one point I couldn't move my left feet and stumbled to the mounts of snow. Nevertheless, the temp is just so awesome to be in maybe for few minutes hahaha

My mum was sick throughout the trip but we managed to have a nice time together before bro and me heading out to uni's! Scroll for some pic taken there and here :)

PS: Malaysia' casinos doesn't allow those who are under 21 to enter! (that includes me)

PSS: I LOST the teddy tales cap(there) which i liked so much!!!!!! :S

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