Thursday, June 23, 2011


That's my current state of mind.

Well why would I talk about being in peace as my first come-back post over here? Possibly that's what I have been on pursuit for a very very long time. Like the many times my mom told me, you can have ten mansions, a beautiful physique, remarkable career, reciprocated love, and everything else that you desire but it takes more than all these to be in PEACE.

Quite a weird thing we human beings are. Never feel contented with what we have as we constantly desire things one after another. Many of you out there would agree with me on this. Thus, what are we going to be when we literary have everything that we desire? You go back to square one and start desiring something which is out of your grasp.

Dont believe me? Go and take a challenge for the coming month. List up five things that you think would make you happy if you happen to have or share with someone; be it a material or something abstract like a relationship or not worrying about house chores. Initially this is what happened to me two weeks back. I did not particularly set any challenges, however I was wanting too many things at once. Of course I wont be revealing that here. Personally I managed to attain almost every one of what I desired and it began to dawn on me that even after all the desires were fulfilled I was still not content.

I was positive before any of it was achieved that it will be lead me to blissfulness and satisfaction. How wrong I was about that. It is only after talking to few people around me and recalling and recollecting my thoughts, I tried to understand that life cannot be grand and beautiful if you do not have inner peace. It will only come to you when you sort your thoughts, stop desiring for everything in this world, and when you begin to accept and understand that sometimes its okay to have nothing or at the least something lesser than what you want. The day one realizes all these and more, it definitely brings you closer to inner peace and happiness. Apparently you dont need something to have these both.

Complicating? Yes, indeed. However when you know the taste of peace without any external pleasure, you are on your way to experiencing something distinct and different.

It keeps your soul warm and tender.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

For the love of writing

I will be back to revive my blog.
It has certainly been years since my last post, however the time is up now for me to start blogging again to convey my thoughts, communicate with fellow bloggers and also to share my interests with others.

Stay tuned guys & gals. <3


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A time so uncertain.

I managed to catch the following trailer in the cinemas today...more to stumbled on it. GLAD I did. I think its a very good masterpiece. Cant wait to get the novel and finish reading it first because my imagination is always better than what they come up in the movie.

Actually, this movie reminds me of a novel I read few years back: Run No More written by Catherine Mulvany. This book has a very startling insight of not just romance but a twist of suspense at the moment we least expect! What makes this romance novel stand out from its like is the essence of paranormal and time traveling. The author had done a great job in producing very real like characters which captivates the plot well.

I have not read the synopsis of The Time Traveler's Wife, however just by its trailer it is in my must watch and read list! Peek on IT :D

PS: I catched Iloveyyou,BethCooper today! It was not in my list but it was indeed hilarious besides some very lame A-jokes. Gosh, thank god I watched with my babes, even that was kinda embarrassing :P Btw, there is this song called FORGET ME sung by Violet Columbus as one of the soundtrack in this movie. It is an acoustic version and sounds pleasant. But, I couldn't download it for free in most of the websites I searched for. Help please???

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Follow the flow

Bro made a lot of fuss early morning since mum is leaving me at college first. Screw him...but pity my mum she sped and I was feeling a little scared :S Then met Rohini and Praba. Three of us took almost an hour to settle the subject registration which was totally insane. DAMN! I couldn drop or even add another subject to my choice...damn them for changing the time table and expecting us to be in pleasure when they sucked up their responsibilities. Next, Ro and me left to lobby from the 10th floor to catch up with the photo shoot and interview. Was nothing big and extraordinary though it was one of a kind :)

Eventually when it was over, Abby was there! So the four of us headed to Summit, hunting for a place to have lunch. We dined at a place suggested by Abby and had these lunch set which consist of rice noodle (kuew teow) and fresh watermelon juice. The rice noodle was very different from the one I ever had before in my life..the taste especially was a little unique, I think its a blend of the Western and Chinese! I can give about 7 out of 10 for the yeah that means it was above average. The juice really quenched the perspiring us!

After lunch, the three of them headed to Public Speaking class while I joined Michelle in Introduction to Philosophy by Ms. Jaime. She managed to teach us 3chapters in just was a little interesting but I really didn't concentrate as I was sleep deprived :S Honestly, I am still stuck in holiday mode...

Once class over, boarded the Rapid KL bus and I had to go all the way towards the end of the bus to climb on the seat beside a Chinese dude. That was when I aimlessly bumped the top of my head: O.U.C.H *iwishiwasshorter* and sat there quietly. To make it worse there were this 2black guys, who sat right behind me and kept talking so loudly, that my eardrums might only response to their language till I managed to seat on an empty seat further then em, when some of the commuters got off at the stop opposite to Sunway Pyramid.

I really don't seem to understand, why the weather in KL is so unpredictable. Just few days in a row, it rained like there wont be sunshine til the end of August. Then today, the sun shines sending massive heat waves like its the drought season! Gosh I really can empathize the Muslims who are fasting while having to face such humidity without even a gulp of water. Ironically, that is what they need to go through as in to be more patient and understand the sufferings of the less privileged at other times and be grateful for their blessings.

When I reached Kl Sentral, I wanted badly to taste the MCD's ice cream and so I bought the chocolate sundae back home. ended up being chocolate shake when I reached home but the creamy, milky, sweet sugar-y taste is all that I need. End of day one of my 2nd semester. BTW, just FYI the subjects that I'll be doing in Fall09 are:

1. Introduction to Philosophy
2. General Psychology
3. Basic Communication
4. Intercultural Communication

Exam results will be out maybe by end of this week.


PS: I wanna scream in frustration......
I really need to watch The Proposal, UP, The Orphan and District 9. BADLY!!!
I saw the trailer of The Ugly Truth...looks like another incredible one coming soon :)

Back to college

Its 7am now. I am not dreaming though.
Barely had a sleep which was about 3hours when I stopped my playlist from playing on my mp3.
There's some photoshoot and interview to be faced today.
Hope nothing goes wrong and O yeah I'll be skipping classes on the first day how great that is?

Rise and shine poeple coz Janane is up early already :P Good day, folks!!!

To the rest of you wish me luck..........Im still crossing my fingers for my IntroToComp sub!!

PS: Had my fringe cut short.....dont really like the way it is now :(

PSS: Had my nails coloured with MILK PEACH courtesy of Rohini :)

Rohini will be my teman for at least half of the day.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Reunion alike.

Place: Tony Romas Mid Valley

Kian fetched me from home to MID V and goodness grace we searched for parking lot for more than 30minutes. IN the end we ended up cursing the bay we entered and went into another building and found so many lots empty. Yeng Ping and Pui Li who seem to have left their place later than us, managed to reach there and got a parking before us! Li had a hair cut and seems to a bit taken back with his boring course of study. Being a law undergraduate at UM, he is still the kiddish one! He is being taught in Malay but all the books are written in English. Besides, he also mentioned to me the quirky phrases that lawyers use such as 'At the material of time' which means 'At this moment' in plain old English!

Then met V and two lass, Ping and Pui Li! We were all very hungry, so headed straight to Tony Romas. Place suggested by me though I had only RM20 in my handbag! GEEZ!

Then after we ordered the food, Wai Hong joined us. He had a very tanned red skin colour. Should blame the hot weather at UUM, since he is the next accountant in make. He was as usual..quiet and only talked when one of us asked him on something. I took the lunch set as suggested by Ping. It came with potato soup, main course of my choice: Fish and Chips and with a carbonated drink (had no choice). While they were all having a go at the soup, Kim and her guy came. Since initially the place we were sitting could only place the 5 of us, we switched to a huge round table which could not hold up all of us, when the rest of them who joined us later! They are: V's college mates who were just dropping by- Francis and Asas and Chai Ling my another Maxwell class mate who is studying at UMS. I have met Asas before, so I was much more awkward in talking to Francis. What I didn know is that, Francis has similar traits to Shi Yi. Even, V agreed with me on that.

power of FIVE :P

mell+me ( she was so angelic in white) and yeah single too :P

The food was average...I still liked the TGI's fish and chips better :P Once we are done with food, we all ended up catching up with each another and even about the rest of our friends who couldn make it! We were making so much of was like Pasar Borong...just reminded me of the times we made such noise back in school and Pn.Siau will knock us up with some advice. DUH! I miss that and more. BTW, I planned up into watching The Proposal..well thanks to everyone I DIDN'T :S

Despite that, the meet up was fun and they managed to make me happy!

Hoping to meet more of em, sooner!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wanting more!!!

Last week, while it rained every now and then and there weren't anything interesting to be done at odd hours, I finally read the last few pages of The Bronze Horseman. Actually the reason of my delay to finish it off is because, I reread so many pages countless times. I could not even slightly absorb the weight that each word had on me; the very words Paulina penned to craft the story. I felt I was the happiest person when good things happened to the characters, I felt butterflies in stomach when two of them embraced love in difficult situations, I felt agony and despair when loved ones seem to be gone leaving memories and guilt, I felt hungry(though I ate satisfying meals) and hopeless when they ate oats and breads made of sawdust and even erupted into laughter and giggles when humor was up. Well the last one did raise the eyebrows of my curious father and annoying brother. I really felt like I was not in my room, not in my comfort zone but in the faraway land in Leningrad where the only comfort were Alexander and Tatiana.

Thanks to my cousin, Nirmal, I had the second book. The first half of the book is more to Alexander's diary. If you have not read TBH, then you can still pick this book and understand the story but you may find it inadequate as most of the descriptions were cut short! I think it was written in such way as to make someone remember all that have happened in the previous lot from his perspective. The characters were even more compelling and heart warming! There was so much going on in the second half in the story, I almost forgot I had a life to live in the two days I took to finish reading it. The last page of this second book hints of the third and the last one for this story. BUT, IM TRULY HAPPY THEY ARE GOING BACK home!!!

I cant wait to get the third one........hopefully next month -SIGH- I have to place an order first!

PS: Mahesh is back home. O thank you GOD so much!!! I felt bad I couldn't visit him even though he advised me not to...

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