Friday, August 21, 2009

Reunion alike.

Place: Tony Romas Mid Valley

Kian fetched me from home to MID V and goodness grace we searched for parking lot for more than 30minutes. IN the end we ended up cursing the bay we entered and went into another building and found so many lots empty. Yeng Ping and Pui Li who seem to have left their place later than us, managed to reach there and got a parking before us! Li had a hair cut and seems to a bit taken back with his boring course of study. Being a law undergraduate at UM, he is still the kiddish one! He is being taught in Malay but all the books are written in English. Besides, he also mentioned to me the quirky phrases that lawyers use such as 'At the material of time' which means 'At this moment' in plain old English!

Then met V and two lass, Ping and Pui Li! We were all very hungry, so headed straight to Tony Romas. Place suggested by me though I had only RM20 in my handbag! GEEZ!

Then after we ordered the food, Wai Hong joined us. He had a very tanned red skin colour. Should blame the hot weather at UUM, since he is the next accountant in make. He was as usual..quiet and only talked when one of us asked him on something. I took the lunch set as suggested by Ping. It came with potato soup, main course of my choice: Fish and Chips and with a carbonated drink (had no choice). While they were all having a go at the soup, Kim and her guy came. Since initially the place we were sitting could only place the 5 of us, we switched to a huge round table which could not hold up all of us, when the rest of them who joined us later! They are: V's college mates who were just dropping by- Francis and Asas and Chai Ling my another Maxwell class mate who is studying at UMS. I have met Asas before, so I was much more awkward in talking to Francis. What I didn know is that, Francis has similar traits to Shi Yi. Even, V agreed with me on that.

power of FIVE :P

mell+me ( she was so angelic in white) and yeah single too :P

The food was average...I still liked the TGI's fish and chips better :P Once we are done with food, we all ended up catching up with each another and even about the rest of our friends who couldn make it! We were making so much of was like Pasar Borong...just reminded me of the times we made such noise back in school and Pn.Siau will knock us up with some advice. DUH! I miss that and more. BTW, I planned up into watching The Proposal..well thanks to everyone I DIDN'T :S

Despite that, the meet up was fun and they managed to make me happy!

Hoping to meet more of em, sooner!

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