Thursday, June 23, 2011


That's my current state of mind.

Well why would I talk about being in peace as my first come-back post over here? Possibly that's what I have been on pursuit for a very very long time. Like the many times my mom told me, you can have ten mansions, a beautiful physique, remarkable career, reciprocated love, and everything else that you desire but it takes more than all these to be in PEACE.

Quite a weird thing we human beings are. Never feel contented with what we have as we constantly desire things one after another. Many of you out there would agree with me on this. Thus, what are we going to be when we literary have everything that we desire? You go back to square one and start desiring something which is out of your grasp.

Dont believe me? Go and take a challenge for the coming month. List up five things that you think would make you happy if you happen to have or share with someone; be it a material or something abstract like a relationship or not worrying about house chores. Initially this is what happened to me two weeks back. I did not particularly set any challenges, however I was wanting too many things at once. Of course I wont be revealing that here. Personally I managed to attain almost every one of what I desired and it began to dawn on me that even after all the desires were fulfilled I was still not content.

I was positive before any of it was achieved that it will be lead me to blissfulness and satisfaction. How wrong I was about that. It is only after talking to few people around me and recalling and recollecting my thoughts, I tried to understand that life cannot be grand and beautiful if you do not have inner peace. It will only come to you when you sort your thoughts, stop desiring for everything in this world, and when you begin to accept and understand that sometimes its okay to have nothing or at the least something lesser than what you want. The day one realizes all these and more, it definitely brings you closer to inner peace and happiness. Apparently you dont need something to have these both.

Complicating? Yes, indeed. However when you know the taste of peace without any external pleasure, you are on your way to experiencing something distinct and different.

It keeps your soul warm and tender.

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Sharmini said...

been long tym didnt read ur post.. made me feel better dear! hehe <3 nice one!

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